Be Being is an intermingling of classical and modern compositions anchored in the Buddhist tradition

From the misty mountains of Korea and the timeless tales of ancient warriors comes a tradition of music influenced by Buddhism and Shamanism. Be-Being’s music promises to meld these philosophies for the modern world.

Be-Being is one of Korea’s most original, contemporary music ensembles. At The Hindu Friday Review November Fest, the group will premiere Li and Sa, an enchanting blend of Korean traditional music, recorded and computer processed sounds, Buddhist chants, dances and video projections.

The young ensemble was established six years ago by seven musicians who have since collaborated on projects that have showcased popular music, modern dance, traditional music and film scores. Be Being is guided by Jeong Gak, a Buddhist priest who advises and performs with the group.

At the helm is Young-Gyu Jang, music director and composer. He heads a sizeable orchestra comprising musicians Soon-a Park (Gayageum-long zither with movable bridges), Won-Il Na (Piri-oboe made of bamboo), Joon-il Choi (Janggu-hourglass-shaped double-headed drum), Seung-Hee Lee (Pansori-Korean traditional vocal art) and Jieun Kang (Haegeum- fiddle with two strings) and Young-Hoon Oh (sound engineer). Jimmy Kim is the stage and company manager.

The Li and Sa project seeks to comprehend Buddhist philosophy and reinterpret traditional music and dance from a contemporary platform. Li is said to represent the path and purpose of consciousness; Sa means to have sympathy for everything.

This duality underscores all Buddhist rituals.

Be Being has performed at festivals across Europe and Asia. At this fest, the group brings music with astonishing changes in tempo and momentum interspersed with a measured, graceful marking of time that underscores the rich culture of this ancient land.

The 70-minute concert is presented by InKo Centre in association with The Korea Foundation, The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Republic of Korea, Korea Arts Managements Service and Performing Arts Market in Seoul.

Date: November 17

Venue: The Music Academy

Time: 7.30 p.m.

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