The Kozhikode-based rock band 3rd EyE gets together after 12 years

A homoeopath, two managers and three musicians do a little jiggle and bring back 3rd EyE, the rock band that created ripples in the city in the late 1980s and 90s. The band, which disbanded in the late 1990s, has got back together after 12 years and is ready to rock Kozhikode again. Once considered one of the best rock bands in the State, the re-incarnated 3rd EyE has two new faces — Reneesh who replaces Devdas on the bass guitar and Rejeesh who steps in for the late Dinesh on the key board. The other four, part of the old band, are vocalist Bhupesh K, Madan Mohan on the rhythm guitar, Premraj E.K. on the drums and Soman E.K. as the lead guitarist.

Getting back

“We were not active after 1997 purely for logistical reasons,” says Bhupesh. The band members, all originally from Kozhikode, went their different ways, either to work or to explore different genres of music.

It was tough being a rock musician in the city in the 1990s, Bhupesh recalls. “That was the time western music could be a passion, but never a profession,” he says. There were little battles for all of them to fight, at home and among friends, beginning with niggles like keeping long hair. However, the musicians are back and happy about it.

No hierarchy

“We are much better now, we have seen life. I am a father of two. We are not bothered about anything much,” says Bhupesh. He also believes he is a much better singer now when he is in his forties. The new 3rd EyE is a blend of different generations and experiences. While the latest additions to the band are in their twenties, Madan Mohan is in his forties and cousins Premraj and Soman, who were part of the original six, are in their fifties.

“We are able to work it out as there is no hierarchy in our band. We got back together because of Madan. The band worked with him when he cut a studio album couple of years ago,” says Bhupesh.

The reunion concert of the 3rd EyE will take place before an invited audience on Saturday at the Cosmopolitan Club. Classic rock of the 80s from Deep Purple, Iron Maiden and Santana to Rush and Queen will be performed at the concert. Apart from the masters, three original compositions including ‘Papa' and ‘Skinhead' will give the event its local flavour.

“This show is just a token, the news is that the band is back. We plan to get together frequently and perform on themes. It is the 80s classic rock this time around,” says Bhupesh. For the band members their comeback venue, the Cosmpolitan Club, evokes warm memories. “It is one of our favourite places and we have spent many new years there.”