Joscheba will be performing in Coimbatore on Nov 17

The music of Joscheba is deceptive at first and can be passed off as light jazz with the love-ballad Open Up or the soulful Memories. The mood changes into an aggressive afro-rhythmic On the Move, which employs an infectious hand-clapping format. It’s followed by a dark introspective Who’s that voice inside my head with scat vocal phrasings.

Apart from original compositions, Joscheba interprets jazz standards in her own way, changing her voice effortlessly to suit the idiom. The Latin-laced Throw it away by Abbey Lincoln morphs into a straight swing feel, yet retaining the abrasiveness of the lyrics. The Academy Award winning 1968 classic Windmills in your mind (Thomas Crown Affair) is bathed with an intricate Rhodes piano jazz arrangement. The accompanying quartet consists of highly sought jazz musicians from Hamburg, who are virtuosos with their instruments and add texture to Joscheba’s velvety voice.

Joscheba’s languid voice covers up the intellect behind each carefully chosen note, making this form of contemporary jazz accessible and with something for every kind of listener.

Joscheba Schnetter is a young singer with a unique sound and passion for jazz, pop and soul, who interprets her original compositions as well as she interprets jazz standards. She changes her voice effortlessly to suit the idiom, from soft and fragile to powerful and soulful. She has trained in the Hamburg School of Music and the University of Music & Theatre in Hamburg. Besides starting her ​​own virtuoso jazz band, she has performed at the Soulounge and shared stage with Stefan Gwildis, Gregor Meyle, Sasha and others.

She is accompanied by Buggy Braune, one of the most distinguished pianists of the North German jazz scene. He embodies a sound esthete that bites not only on the keys, but is enriched by strong character improvisations. He is in wide demand as a sideman and has recorded over 40 CDs. He has accompanied known musicians such as Herb Geller, Jonas Schoen and Lawrence Hargassner.

Johannes Wennrich isa highly sought-after studio and live guitar player. He arranges and composes music for several pop acts in Germany (Anna Depenbusch, Mariha, Liebe Minou etc). In 2008, he composed the music for the audio book "Poe goes Jazz".

Arnd Geise was part of the Youth Orchestra Steinfurt Borghorst, and studied Big Band at University Cologne; and at Buster Williams, which boasts of Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock. A virtuoso bass player, Arnd has played with Randy Brecker, Sarah Connor, Nils Gissenger, and more. He has performed at Jazz Festival Munster, Jass Festival Aalen, and Montreaux Jazz Festival.

Derek Scherzer is the man for the groove, whether it is a driving beat, or a flat cymbal sound, flowing tough blues or easy samba. As the man on the drums, he grounds the band and adds the fire. He has been an integral part of the Hamburg music scene since 1999. He has played with musicians such as Herb Geller, Dusko Gojkovic and Ulita Knaus.

Dates & Venues:

Coimbatore, Nov 17; Corporation Kalai Arangam - Book tickets for Coimbatore show

Duration: 90 mins

Interval: Yes


Joscheba Schnetter – Vocals & Acoustic Guitar

Buggy Braune – Piano

Johannes Wennrich – Guitar

Arnd Geise – Bass

Derek Scherzer - Drums

Other Credits

Concert to be in association with the Unwind Center and the Hamburg - Ministry of Culture.

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