Muthukrishna's penchant for aesthetic finish of the sahithyam came to the fore in his concert for Naadha Mandir.

Muthukrishna alias Vignesh of Trivandrum has all the ingredients of an accomplished singer. With a voice well-aligned to sruti, his clarity of diction and bhava-laden presentations at the concert featured by Naadha Mandir, a unit of Shivanjali Trust, Coimbatore, showed his penchant for aesthetic finish of the sahityam, and his scintillating melody enveloped the hall.

Warming up with a Lalgudi varnam in Charukesi, he followed it up with ‘Siddhi Vinayakam Anisam' in Shanmukhapriya and ‘Gurulekavanti' (Gowrimanohari) with swaras that showed emphasis on the artha bhava and emotive contents of the compositions. His alapana of Kalyani with brigas from tara sthayi shadjam added tautness to the structure for the kriti, ‘Kamalasini Sundari,' a GNB composition.

Negotiating with ease

The highlight of the recital was the RTP in Mayamalavagowla in khanda triputa. The use of akaara and the delicate inflections employed in framing the sangatis in the upper reaches while negotiating the contours of the raga showed his musical acumen. ‘Manavyala' (Nalinakanti) and ‘Jagadoddharana' in Kapi were rendered with professional élan, which showed he is destined to go places.

With a lilting Lalgudi tillana in Revathi, Muthukrishna concluded his concert. Moorthy (violin) provided a friendly response to Vignesh's delineations and swaras. Balakrishnan (mridangam) and Srikanth (ganjira) provided adequate percussion support.