Mallela Tejaswy’s violin concert mirrored his immense talent.

Kalasagaram organised a violin solo concert of Mallela Tejaswy recently, and the young artiste proved his mettle once again.

He was accompanied by Karra Srinivas on mridangam and Chandrakanth on ghatam. He opened the concert with Natakuranji varnam Chalamelain Adi talam of Thyagarja and displayed his virtuosi skills right in this number in going through two speeds. This was followed by a few more Thyagaraja kritis.

Deva Deva Kalayamithe of Swathi Tirunal in Mayamalavagowla, roopaka talam was a popular number he played with alacrity applying innovative instrumental skills and followed it with another straight kirtana presentation of Vandanamu in Sahana, a rarely heard number of Thyagaraja.

The main offering of Tejaswy’s concert was Inta Sowkhyamu in Kapi of Thyagaraja He essayed the raga bringing out all its beautiful moves displaying on occasions virtuosi skills in handling the instrument, packed with nuances here and there. This popular kirtana of Thyagaraja was well played, taking care that each of the sahitya phrases are clearly heard. The swarakalpana part mirrored his creative skills in framing the cycles with tempo. At this stage tani avartanam presented by K. Srinivas added to the lustre of violinist’s output.

Tejaswy then went for ragam-tanam-pallavi session taking the raga Charukesi. After going through the raga and tanam parts amicably he came out with the challenging pallavi woven as Dasaradharama, Srirama, Sri Raghuvara Mampahi. This was set in Khandajati Triputa talam. The pallvai line was Tejaswy’s own. The swarakalpana was set in ragamalika comprising Ranjani, Bindumalini and Bhageshree.

Latter part of the main rectal had Vaishnava Janato, based on Khamaj; Pibare Ramarasam in Ahir Bhairav of Sadasiva Brahmendra and Melu ledu teeruledu Minchinadi Hari Maya in Narayanadri, a raga created by his guru Kanyakumari. He also rendered the raga vocally, playing it on his instrument. He ended the concert with a tillana in Mohana Kalyani of Lalgudi.