Dr. S. Sunder and his team presented a pleasing vocal recital comprising rare and beautiful compositions along with the usual favourites at the G.K.D. Auditorium, Coimbatore, under the aegis of Rajalakshmi Fine Arts.

Though not gifted with an impressive voice, the medical practitioner could impress with his judicious choice of kritis and the generosity with which he encouraged his accompanists. The rigorous training under D.K. Jayaraman and T.K. Govinda Rao has lent a traditional touch to his presentation -- it aims at clarity of diction and internalisation of the kritis.

Dr. Sunder made a confident beginning with the Kedaragowla varnam, ‘Saamidayajooda’ and proceeded with the majestic ‘Rakshamaam Sharanagatham’ in Nattai by Meenakshi Suthan, popularised by Chembai Vaidhyanatha Bhagavathar. ‘Sri Kanchi Naayike’ in Asaveri by Subbaraya Sastri was full of lyrical beauty. The pristine delineations of Panthuvarali and Thodi were made livelier with the accompaniment of S. Raghul on the violin and Sruthi Sagar on the flute.

Raghul followed the vocalist with unflinching loyalty while Sruthi’s playing enriched the presentation with sprightly swara phrases that indicated his fertile imagination. Vijay Natesan neatly fit into the team that was determined to make the concert a truly enjoyable one. Keertana, who was to be the vocal support, almost had an equal share, with her lively presentation and cheerful demeanour.

The frequently-heard ‘Ramanatham Bhajeham’ and ‘Kamakshi Amba’ were as appealing as the not-so-often-heard Dikshitar krithi in Thodi, ‘Sri Subrahmanyo Maam Rakshathu.’ ‘Maname Kanamum Maravathe’ by Papanasam Sivan that was part of the lighter session, seriously reminded one of the need to think of God every minute. The composer’s graphic description of the utter helplessness of old age, culminating with the lines, ‘Enna Seyvaay? Thunai Yaar Varuvaar?’ sent a shiver down one’s spine. The concert came to a close with Lalgudi Jayaraman’s lively thillana in Mohana Kalyani.

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Arts, Entertainment & EventsMay 14, 2012