Mohan Santhanam’s (belonging to the lineage of well-known composer, N. Koteeswara Iyer) energetic performance at the Music Trinity Day Celebrations, held by the Faculty of Arts of the Coimbatore Kendra of The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, made an impact with understanding accompaniment by Madhav on the violin and Srinivasan on the mridangam.

Carnatic music, more than exhibition of vidwat, has to be tempered by sweetness of exposition and mellifluence. His was devoid of the aesthetics of tonal tenderness. The opening ‘Girirajasudha’ in Bangaala with swaras could have been a tad slower to bring out the majesty of the composition.

Presented with confidence

‘Sogasuga’ (Sriranjani) with a spate of swaras and the following ‘Vidajaladura’ (Janaranjani), though bold and industrious renderings, appeared to be more laboured in expression. The alapanas of Thodi, Bhairavi and Yadukulakhambodi for the Swarajathi and Garudadhwani for the kriti, ‘Tatvamerugatharama’ sketched with boldness and vigour lacked experiential and inspirational tracts. The main raga of the recital, Nattakurinji, was quite impressive and the composition, ‘Manasu Vishaya’ was presented with confidence. Madhav (violin) provided laudable support with many melodious touches in the raga essays and perfect swara combines in the swara repartees. Srinivasan (mridangam) kept the cadence of the concert on an enjoyable track in the laya wing.

Bhavan’s faculty of Fine Arts that organised the Music Trinity Day is the brainchild of the renowned musicologist S. Vaidyanathakrishnan.

The students of the section trained by well-qualified faculty become eligible to join postgraduate courses in vocal and instrumental music elsewhere.

The syllabus framed by the faculty has been acclaimed by eminent musicians. Those interested may call 0422-2445992.