A recent evening of music soothed frayed nerves

In these challenging times, what better than music to generate serenity and camaraderie between India and Pakistan? A recent event Sabrang sought to and did just that.

Organised by Kalahetu, an NGO promoting music, art and culture in India, the event saw the coming together of highly acclaimed musicians. From Pakistan was vocalist Akbar Ali of Lahore; then there was India’s Mohammed Amaan, a vocalist from Jaipur, and tabla exponent Hafiz Ahmed Alvi of the Dilli gharana. Together they made their way into the hearts of the audience at a packed Kamani auditorium.

The singers presented traditional ragas and thumris, as the audience rejoiced in unanimity and saluted the artists with thundering applause. Kalpana Verma, organiser, Kalahetu, said, “The aim of organising this musical concert is to bring together the different colours of classical flavours on one platform. This concert is also to promote good and harmonious neighbourly relations between the two countries.”

In an evening of scintillating performances by the classical singers, the audience seemed to lose itself in their captivating voices, as a chorus of ‘wah-wahs’ echoed through the auditorium.