Tribute Thyagaraja Aaradhanotsavam at Visakhapatnam will be best remembered for its large number of participants this year.

A six-day Aaradhanotsavam marking Thyagaraja’s birth anniversary under the aegis of Thyagaraja Aaradhana Trust in association with Visakha Music and Dance Academy at Kalabharati Visakhapatnam stayed remarkable for its thorough planning and execution.

The event which has been an annual feature for five days for the last eight years, stood extended to six days this year due to the large number of participants about a thousand which was double the number of last year’s.

The event opened with Sadguru Prabhodam, a musical feature composed by Dwaram Tyagaraju. It involved elucidation of contextual significance of chosen kritis in its origin and its myriad shades of excellence on several counts such as lyrical, spiritual and philosophical nature.

He essayed well along with his team to expound the undercurrent of Vedic and Upanishadic thought in the compositions of Thyagaraja.

A power-point presentation with relevant details helped drive its point home well.

His choice of compositions for it included Giri raja suthaa thanaya in raga Bangal, Sangita gnanamu bhakthi vina sanmargamu galade in Dhanyasi, Edari sancharinthu ra in Sruti ranjani, Grahabalamemi in Revagupti ragam, Ika kaavalasinademi manasa in Balahamsa, Sarasa netra in Sankarabharanam and Eti janmamidi ah in Varali etc.

Presentations of senior artistes like Mutnuri Jalajakshi, Manda Sudharani, K. Saraswathi Vidyardhi, Pisipati V Lalitha Chandrasekhar, Pattisapu Suseela Subrahmanyam, Pantula Rama, Manda Manikyam, Pappu Padmavati Paramahamsa, Bhamidipati Kanadurga Prasad, T Padmini and R Madhuri Devi and upcoming artistes Ranjani Sivakumar, Ganti M Pavani MPS Ravali and P Buchhi Rama Saranya and others enthralled the audience.

These presentations in their respective slots were remarkable for their high devotional and musical quotient.

Tiruveedhi and Pancharatna seva – the salient features of the event saw participation of large number of artistes cutting across the barriers of age, standing and stature.