Come March 31, the curtain will go up on Aikya 2013, with Ranjani-Gayatri taking centre stage.

It will be the meeting of musical minds as Global Adjustment’s annual fund-raiser Aikya 2013 unfolds on March 31, 6 p.m., at The Music Academy, Chennai. This time, the stage will be graced by the Carnatic vocalists-violinists, Ranjani-Gayatri. “We were pleasantly surprised when we were approached for Aikya 2013,” says Ranjani. “For hard-core traditionalists like us, it is indeed a new challenge.”

The siblings, who swear by the timeless value of classicism, have chosen a theme that will complement their personalities – a musical dialogue inspired by the Arjuna-Krishna conversations in The Gita. “We want to elaborate on the specific idea of Conflict and Solution inspired by The Gita,” explain the sisters.

Distinct musical personalities

Says Ranjani, “Even though we perform together, Gayatri and I have distinct musical personalities. And we would like to explore that aspect; here, our voices will not simply merge; they will have a tête-à-tête through raga and alapana; bhajans and slokas.”

Ranjani-Gayatri, who are presenting eight pieces, will open with Arunachala Kavi’s Sowrashtram piece ‘Saranam Saranam Endraenae.’ Say the sisters, “When Vibhishana comes to Lord Rama, seeking refuge, the Lord gets conflicting reactions from his people, including Lakshmana and Jambavan, who do not trust Ravana’s brother. But Rama finds a solution by wearing his ‘Leader’ cap. This song fits the theme to a T.”

Similarly, the duo have picked out Kulasekara Azhwar’s verses and Raskhan’s Krishna poems for another piece. “We realised that the language the two poets use might be different but the thoughts and sentiments expressed are exactly the same.” The sisters have spent a lot of time mulling over the repertoire. “We have embarked on a new journey with Aikya 2013, and we are truly excited.” They will be joined by an orchestra that comprises Rajesh (tabla), H.N. Bhaskar (violin), Patri Satish (mridangam), Bhishnu (flute), Veda (special effects) and Ravali and Vani Ramamurthy (vocal support).

Ranjani Manian, the moving spirit behind Global Adjustments and Aikya, says, “We want to portray India’s culture in a unifying way. We felt we had to give back to Chennai that founded us. This annual fundraiser is our way of expressing our gratitude and promoting classical music to a new generation.” Incidentally, the chief guest for the event is Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment Kumari Selja.

Tickets (Rs. 2,500, Rs. 1,000, Rs. 750, Rs. 500, Rs. 300 and Rs. 200) are available at Crossword, Sundari Silks, Shilpi, Odyssey, Amethyst, Silkworm Boutique, Chamiers, and Global Adjustments. Call 098414 14237 or visit /aikya for details.