Bharatiya Sangeetha Vaibhavam Trust (BSV) will honour musician Seetha Rajan with the annual MS Memorial Award. The award will be presented to her at a function being organized as part of its two-day yearly musical event at Srinivasa Sastri Hall in Mylapore.

The two-day programme will begin on September 14, according a release from BSV Trust.

The two-day event will begin on September 14. It will feature concerts by Sampagodu S. Vighnaraja and Seetha Rajan. On the following day, the organizers have arranged for a lec-dem by S. Sowmya. The MS Memorial Award will be given away on September 15 at a special function being organized that evening. The award function will be followed by a violin concert by Kumaresh and Vaibhav Ramani.