V. Sankaranarayanan’s vocal recital featured by Upasana at the Ramar temple in Ramnagar, Coimbatore, though unleashed his creativity with an open-throated singing, lacked verve. He started with the Sahana varnam, ‘Karunimpa’ and settled well with his forceful saareeram in the swaras with absolute control over laya.

Manoranjani alapana for the kriti, ‘Adugaaraadani’ was laced with phrases without frills. His raga vinyasam of Kalyana Vasantham for the kriti, ‘Naadaloludai’ though marked by an artistic approach was marred by swara slippages in the upper reaches. His brigas in the lyric ‘Thaamadham Yenaiah’ were impressive. His elaboration of Abheri for the kriti, ‘Bhajare Maanasa’ showcased his musical intelligence but his fast-paced overdose of swaras in the charanam may create awe but not appreciation.

Sreeram (violin) was reflective of the vocalist’s sedate recital. Jaisreeram (mridangam) kept the mood of the concert alive in an engaging tani avarthanam.