The boys of Broken Membrane seem to have realised the dream of most young bands. Fresh out of the studios, their album, New Age, stems from personal experiences

A young band, Broken Membrane came together in February 2012, and has since gone on to record and release a full-length album. The boys are in college and we catch them in between classes to introduce us to Adhir Punja on drums and vocals, Nakul Dumblekar on bass and Bharath Kashyap on guitar and backing vocals, who together become Broken Membrane, the hard/soft rock band.

The story behind the band

They were introduced by mutual friends in 2010, Bharat says, “We jammed once and it didn’t feel right and then when I bumped into Adhir at the Metallica concert we got talking and realised that we had similar tastes in music and jammed again…” things fell into place and the musicians got their act together.

First gig

“It was at Battle Of The Bands, and all I can remember was the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd.

When Adhir went mad on the drums or I had a guitar solo, it felt just right and it was why we chose to follow music,” says Bharat.

First album

“The album is something we are very proud of; it’s not something we had planned, it just happened.

We started composing randomly when we played something that we liked the sound of and one of us would say, “Dude that sounded good.”

And when we had enough material we decided to save money and in January we hit he studios,” explains Bharat about their debut album New Age.

The name of the band

“It’s a funny story,” begins Bharat, “Two days before Battle Of the Bands we had finished jamming and we still didn’t have a name and basically what we do is play the song faster than it actually is and Adhir has broken like some five membranes of the bass drum,” Bharat paused dramatically.

“Someone said we should think of something like broken membrane and just like that we knew what the name of our band was going to be.

We were looking for something that connected all three of us and Broken Membrane was perfect.

The music

“We haven’t written our songs and music for any one particular audience,” Bharat explains.

“Our music is our personal experiences that inspired us,” he said.

Next gig

Not sure, may be at the end of the month there will be an acoustic show at Urban Solace

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