Dinesh Mohan chose some well-known kritis.

Dinesh Mohan presented a vocal concert under the auspices of the Saraswathi Vidyalayam School of Fine Arts located at the BHEL Township in Tiruchi. He was accompanied by Subramoni on the violin, Hariprasad on the mridangam and ‘Tiruchi’ Krishnaswamy on the ghatam.

Dinesh commenced the concert with a brisk ‘Gajananayutham’ in Chakravakam, followed it with the popular Tyagaraja kriti ‘Guruleka Etuvanti’ in Gowrimanohari, for which he proved intricate kalpanaswaras. Next, Dinesh rendered a brief alapana in Kedaram for the song ‘Ananda Natana Prakasam’ and moved on to the rarely heard ‘Sadaamathin’ in Gambhiravani; this was again an aural treat.


The sub-main that evening was Kalyana Vasantam and Dinesh chose the kriti ‘Nadaloludai.’ Here he proved his mettle with innovative and impressive kalpanaswaras. Next came ‘Niradamukha’ which was again well rendered. The main raga was Sankarabharanam where he presented soulful alapana and followed it with ‘Enduku Peddala’ where his confidence was showcased. The alapana had beautifully built brigas and sangatis. Subramoni ably accompanied him on the violin. The thani by Hariprasad and Krishnaswamy proved their mastery over their instruments.

The lighter section consisted of Bharatiar’s ‘Chinnanchiru Kiliye,’ Swati Tirunal’s ‘Saramina mata’ in Behag, ‘Srinivasa Thiruvenkatamudaiya’ in Hamsanandi and thillana in Dhanasri.