Rukmini included compositions of different vaggeyakaras in her line-up.

Rukmini Shrikrishna presented a vocal concert under the auspices of Shri Rama Gana Sabha Trust, Tiruchi, at the Bala Kala Vidhanam auditorium recently.

Rukmini, a disciple of T.V. Ramanujacharyalu, rendered compositions by various vaggeyakaras in different languages. Titled ‘Devi Mahimai,’ the performance was replete with rare kritis rendered in rare ragas. She commenced her performance with ‘Maha Ganapathe’ in Natanarayani ragam, as depicted in Chithoor Subramanya Pillai style.

Rare kritis on deities such as Gayathri, by Ogirala Raghava Sharma, Sringeri Sarada Devi, Kanthimathi, by Papanasam Sivan, and a tarangam by Sri Narayana Tirtha on Durga Devi were interspersed with famous compositions such as ‘Jagatjanani’ in Ratipatipriya, ‘Unnadiye Gathi,’ made popular by GNB, and the concluding number ‘Karunai Deivame Karpagame’ in Sindhu Bhairavi.

Unique style

The unique style in which Rukmini presented the Bhairavi swarajati with a brief raga alapana and the sahitya of the charanas was creative. Her technical expertise came to the fore in her main composition, ‘Sundari Nee Divya Roopamu Jooda’ by Tyagaraja in ragam Kalyani.

After an elaborate raga alapana, in which a brief grahabedham occurred shifting the tone to the ragam Mohanam and switching back to Kalyani, Rukmini rendered a commendable niraval of the anupallavi followed by detailed kalpanaswaras. Bhakti, laya gnana and clear rendition of lyrics made the concert commendable.

The accompanists were Govindarajan on the violin, whose Kalyani ragam was well appreciated, and Kopu Sri Nagarajan on the mridangam. The ease with which he changed the ‘nadai’ in the tani avartanam received great applause.