Kolam, a new band, promises fresh, original tracks

It’s time to tune in to Kolam, a new band on the music scene. The name, of course, is drawn from traditional drawings you make with white/coloured powder on the floor. The band is a symbol of co-existence of musicians from different walks of life. “Our music is a perfectly fused Kolam,” says the group.

Kolam plays only Malayalam songs, all of them original compositions. The musicians have been connected with music for a long time – Tony Wilson (vocals), Chippu a.k.a. Nithin (bass guitar), Arun Dutt Pullat (guitars), Arpit Samuel (drums and electronica) and Joe Johnson (keyboard and synth).

Except for Tony, all the others have already made their mark in the industry. Chippu works with Soul Burn and Balabhaskar’s band; Arun, also a member of Soul Burn, has worked in the movie Friday; Arpit has played for bands such as Heretic and Vidwan and has his own drum channel on YouTube; Joe is a member of Pathayam band and has worked with many bands/musicians.

For Tony the band is a dream come true. “I’ve had some songs with me that I passed on to Chippu who, in turn, got in touch with Arun and others. The collaboration eventually morphed into a band,” says Tony, who has also composed the background score of the signature film of the International Film Festival of Kerala 2010.

Kolam’s music can’t be confined to one genre, Arun says. “We play songs which fall into alternative rock, heavy, industrial, electro dance, acoustics or even naadan genre,” he says.

The group is happy that they have found time out of their regular work schedules. Tony works as composer with Toonz in Technopark and has worked on some of the prestigious projects of the company, Arpit is a doctor, Arun works as a business analyst with a multinational in Technopark and Chippu also works in Technopark, as 3D animation director with a company.

Kolam has already recorded six songs which would premiere on Kappa TV next month.

For updates check out their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ithenthukolam?fref=ts