With her signature simplicity, Sudha Raghunathan pulled in the children into the world of carnatic music. The concert was organised by Samudhaaya Foundation and Aanmajothi as part of the ‘Joy of Giving' week celebrations

Most of them did not know much about ragam or talam and many of them have never been to a Carnatic concert. But when Sudha Raghunathan started humming the tune of a familiar Bhajan on Lord Krishna, the audience comprising 250 children from various orphanages in the city clapped their hands, sang along and sank in the harmony of the ambience.

The concert organised by Samudhaaya Foundation and Aanmajothi here on Monday, as part of the ‘Joy of Giving' week celebrations had the spirit of Carnatic music reaching out to children.

It is an attempt to familiarise children, especially the underprivileged, with the world of Carnatic music, Ms. Raghunathan said. Since most children today identify music with the film music that is readily available, it becomes really important that Carnatic music reaches out to them so that they learn to appreciate its richness and enjoy the experience, she added.

The appreciation of art is as important and equally fulfilling as the performance, said K. S. Natarajan, founder, Aanmajothi. “Programmes such as this enable the creation of rasikas and help in sensitising the youth to the values of Indian culture and heritage,” he added.

The joy of presenting people with an experience they had only dreamt about often becomes a moving episode of your own life. The employees of Isha Homes who played cricket with the children of the Spastics Society of Tamil Nadu on Monday, as part of the Joy of Giving week, would for sure agree.

“Donations offered don't necessarily affect our psyche,” said Suresh Krishn, Managing Director, Isha Homes. “It is only when we spend a day with them and help them do what they would want to, that we get to understand their difficulties,” he added. The employees were divided into various teams and would spend a day each at various special schools in the city, he added.

The children planted trees and painted walls as part of the celebrations. A magic show was among the other attractions. Former Captain of Tamil Nadu Cricket Team, Sridharan Sharath participated in the events.


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