1. He lived in Cennikulam and composed several kavadichindus in praise of Lord Muruga. One of them even starts off with “Cennikula nagar vasan…” Who are we talking about?

a. Arunagirinathar

b. Annamalai Reddiar

c. Subramanya Bharati

d. Gopalakrishna Bharati

2. Identify the odd composition out:

a. Villinai otha

b. Kattu vazhi thanile

c. Nenju porukkudillaye

d. Sentamizh naadenum podinile

3. A certain type of folk- based musical form is said to be rendered by devotees in a state of bliss, typically following a divine vision. What is this form known as?

a. Themmangu

b. Ananda kalippu

c. Kavadi chindu

d. Vazhinadai chindu


1. b

2. d- is a kummi; the rest are chindus

3. b

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CorrectionDecember 15, 2012