1. He resurrected Poompavai, the daughter of Sivanesan Chettiar, a Mylapore-based businessman of yore. While doing so, he composed a literary masterpiece with each verse describing a festival of the Kapaleeshwarar temple. Who are we talking about and what is the name of this literary piece?

2. Identify the odd composition out:

a. Kapali

b. Kaana kann kodi

c. Sarvesha

d. Enneramum undan sannidhiyil

3. Which of the following is the sthala vruksham or tree associated with the Kapaleeshwarar temple in Mylapore?

a. The bilva tree

b. The punnai tree

c. The mango tree

d. The neem tree


1. Saint Tirugnanasambandar; he composed the Poompavai Padikam

2. d is on Lord Nataraja of Chidambaram; all others are on Lord Kapalisvara of Mylapore

3. S. Rajam. He was a great painter, lived in Nadu Street, Mylapore and was the brother of the vainika, S. Balachander

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