Shashank's recital had the right mix of speed and melody.

Shashank, who began as a child prodigy, is now an icon in the world of flautists, displaying command and control on his music that mesmerises the audience. He has an amazing skill of mixing speed and melody in the perfect ratio, which was evident during his concert at Ravindra Bharati last week as part of SICA's Annual Festival.

Curiously he obtained the support of two mridangam artistes— Parupalli Phalgun and Sai Giridhar. The two artistes accompanied him together or alternately, according to the musical measure and demand.

Violinist Akkarai Subbalakshmi provided a seasoned support that helped Shashank in accentuating the melodic output with raga bhava. She responded well to all his magical and brisk musical spells with equal verve. She lent support laudably with her notes, never disturbing the output of the main performer.

Shashank opened the concert with Darbaru raga Varnam Chalamela which he presented in three speeds, setting a positive note for the concert. Neekela Dayaradu of Patnam Subrahmanya Iyer, presented in Sarasangi, Khandachapu talam, was rendered with brief raga and swarakalpana.

It was interesting to watch Shashank involving audience in selection of numbers for him to play next.

Thus he arrived at playing Ranjani piece Durmargacharaadhamula of Thyagaraja in Roopakam. The raga essay was composed of all the attractive phrases of the raga and presented by him using all his virtuosi skills.

The raga was built bit by bit and violinist complementing them with imaginative melodic touches. The swarakalpana had extensive sessions violinist too sharing it in myriad combinations. Samayamide Nannu Brochutaku in Bandhamanohari, in Adi talam was another impressive number. Shashank chose to present Ragam-Tanam- Pallavi in Poorvikalyani with a pallavi set to Khanda Triputa. Here, Shashank explored the possibilities of raga and swara kalpana (done in raga chain of Bhageswari, Saveri, Sriranjani, Mohana, Abheri, Hindolam and Kapi).

The accompanying mridangam artistes had the opportunity to present curious Ttni avartanam between them.

Shashank closed the concert with a light piece, Krishna Nee Begane Baro.