Two different artistes presented their recital as part of Nadabharati's concerts.

As part of promotion of young talent, Nadabharati introduced a very young musician Narendra Saradhi. Visually challenged by birth, Saradhi is gifted with musical skills that he sharpened under the tutelage of different stalwart vocalists like Nookala, Vyzarsu Balasubrahmanyam and presently Jayamani Narasimhan. This young man has just completed M.Phil in English and is doing his Ph.D.

Saradhi opened his concert with Kanada ata tala varnam of Ramanadpuram Srinivasa Iyyengar and then sang Sri Maha Ganapatiravatumam' in Gowla of Dikshitar. The brief essay of the raga and swaraprastha were neat. After a couple of Thyagaraja compositions, Evarani Nirnainchirira' in Devamrutavarshini and Enta Muddo' in Bindumalini, he delineated the raga Saraswathi for Anuragamuleni' with swarakalpana. Both the exercises were good. After rendering Intanuchu Varnimpatarama' in Gundakriya, a rare composition and Koluvai Vunnade' in Devagandhari, he chose Thodi as his main melody of the concert. Sri Krishanm Bhajamanasa' of Deekshitar in this was well presented with good expression, followed by nereval in two speeds and swarakalpana. Rajan's violin support and Gopalan's tani avartanam added lustre . The end pieces included a rare Jagajjanani' in Ratipriya, Purandara Dasa's Govinda' in Janasammodini and Sarvam Brahmamayam' in Durbari Kanada.

Mature recital

P.V. Subba Rao's concert also figured recently for Nadabharati. He began with Durbar vVarnam in two speeds and followed it with Vinayaka Ninu Vina' in Hamsadhwani of Pallavi Gopala Iyer. Entha Nerchina' in Saveri with a good swarakalpana filled the earlier part of the concert. After Ksheerasagara Sayana' in Devagandhari, a sweet number, he chose to present Ennaganu Ramabhajana' in Panthuvarali with alapana and swaram. Sankarabharanam was his main essay which he delineated bringing into focus all its beauties. The composition he chose for this was Swararagasudha' that he rendered well projecting its sahitya bBhava. The nereval and swarakalpna were neat. He concluded with a javali, Nenetu Sairinthune' in Farazu and an Annamayya kirtana Kandarpa Janaka' in Misra Valaji, composed by Voleti. Rajan on violin and P.S. Gopalan on mridangam accompanied the vocalist.