Clear diction and perfect sruti alignment marked the recital of Trichur Brothers.

The Trichur siblings, Sree Krishna Mohan and Ramkumar Mohan, presented their musical package for T.S. Sankara Iyer memorial concert, held at Ramar Koil, Coimbatore, with perfect alignment to sruti and clarity of diction. They commenced with the Khambodi Varnam in the vilamba and duritha kalams that struck a deep chord with the rasikas. This was followed by ‘Gajavadana’ (Sriranjani) with swaras and ‘Sri Ramam’ (Narayanagowla), which were presented with tonal eloquence with their own charm of melody.

The fluent rendition of ‘Thaye Tripurasundari’ (Suddhasaveri) with swaras was elegant. The duo’s acrobatic streaks in the Varali raga alapana showed their vidwat in articulating the sangatis that lent weight and lucidity to passages in the tara sthayi for the RTP-‘Seshachalanayakam’ with a breezy niraval and swaras. The kalpanaswaras were zestful with contributions from Ajitkumar on the violin. Gentleness marked the mridangam support from Mohan, whose laya pattern stood out crisply, while playing along with Suresh on the ghatam. (