The people of this band just came together accidentally

Soaring guitar-work, heart-thumping drum rolls and eccentric vocals welcomed music lovers at Opus, but city band Windoze brought more than just music to their performance there recently. Opening portals to a whole new dimension of music with unbridled passion and ambient soundscapes, the Bangalore boys delivered entertainment in its purest form.

Blending an enchanting spell of blues, rock 'n' roll, jazz, bluegrass and country, the quartet ensemble transported the awed crowd through their window into a magical world of music. The four-piece band, comprising Sylvester Pradeep on guitars and vocals, Hemanth Diwakaran on guitars, Arnold Lewis plucking the bass guitar, and Abhilash E. K. on drums, brought contemporary vibes to their music's atmosphere.

Being together as a full-fledged band for just over four months, Windoze already displays proficiency like other well established bands. “We've actually been playing in the music scene individually and with other bands for quite a while,” explained Hemanth.

The band found its origins at an eruptive debut concert at Mangala in Mangalore. “The show was actually more of an impromptu gig. We were just having fun and doing our entertainment stuff. But when we found people really enjoying our music, we felt we should take this forward and decided to stick together as a band,” narrated Arnold.

Windoze draws its unusual name as an inspiration from American rock band The Doors. “We were looking up some photos of the band and I found we looked a little like them. I pointed it out to the others as a joke and we thought that was fun so we went on to call ourselves Windoze to stand apart,” shared Sylvester.

It was just a joke to start with but when people started to identify us with the name, it stuck, pitched in Arnold. “But we would rather have people get a kick out of the music than the name,” he added.

When not jamming together, the foursome teach music at the Unwind School Of Music.“Although we're mostly playing covers, it's our take on them with our own signature. We're introducing our first own composition in the concert, which carries a darkly melodic sensation,” added Hemanth.

Looking ahead, Windoze believes in aiming big and high. “Five years down the line we see ourselves playing our own compositions at Blues festivals across the world with a couple of albums up our sleeve,” assured Sylvester. This is one band with a promising future.