By blending rock beats with the myriad notes of Indian music, Raghu Dixit has carved a niche for himself in the contemporary music scene.

Things have just fallen into place for you after a while … Do you believe in miracles?

Absolutely, I completely subscribe to the age old saying, “When you really want something, the universe conspires and miracles happen”. Even getting done with the sound check on time is also a miracle.

How would you describe your journey till now?

Lots of hard work, perseverance, frustration, tears and hard times that I don't even want my enemies to go through. I have had an amazing journey, I can write a book on it, make a film about it; it is very filmy.

What is your USP when you perform on a global stage? How do you stand-out among other bands, other than your language of performance?

At the core we are very Indian; our music, costume and our message. People find our music very positive and happy, unlike rock bands that portray anger, frustration and sadness. That is the first thing that attracts the audience. It is not about language, but about people connecting to the emotion.When compared to other bands in the West, everything we do is unique, as we have weird-looking costumes, languages and style of music. At the same time it is rock and roll.

What inspires Raghu Dixit?

India, I think. There is absolutely no dearth of inspiration; food, colours, people, our survival instinct, warm relations with strangers.

We have a great tradition and culture to look back upon and an even great future to look forward to.

Did you know how big a deal “Jool Hollands” show was?

Not till half the show was aired and people started messaging me. We went and performed; “Jools Holland”, “Myrtle Stripe” and “Acrid Fire” … it was one song until it was aired. Even strangers wrote to me about how much they liked the song and wanted me to play at their wedding. It overwhelmed me. People are discovering the song. Our Facebook page also saw an awesome response.

Your overall experience of performing abroad and representing Indian contemporary music.

It increased my pride in my music because I am bringing back songs that are written centuries ago and messages that are still universally relevant. We are traditionally rooted, influences come from all over the world, yet we retain our core Indian culture.

What are your future plans?

I would love to do music for Bollywood. For me there are only two genres: good and bad.

Bollywood has evolved with bolder directors and films into which our sound can fit in. There are some projects in the pipeline, but it is too early to talk.

What is your next album like?

We will start recording in a few months. It will be out next year. I still need to decide what the album is going to be like.

It has different sounds like Urdu and Qawwali plus I am digging into Kannada music too. We don't know where to go as we are planning to record songs in Punjabi, Bengali and Tamil too, which shall take some time.

Your brother, Vasu Dixit, is the vocalist for “Swarathma”. Do we see a collaboration in the future?


Three current artists or bands you like …

Advaita; Faridkot and Papone, an Assamese folk singer.

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