Suresh Manimala has tuned the songs for the musical ‘Pattinte Palazhi’.

Rajiv Anchal's ‘Pattinte Palazhi' means a lot for many people. For Suresh Manimala, a management professional, the film happens to be his long-awaited debut as music director.

Music buff

An ardent music buff, he has penned lyrics for several music albums, when albums were yet to emerge as a trend.

“It is unthinkable for a debutant to get the opportunity to compose music for seven songs in a music-based film such as ‘Pattinte Palazhi' that narrates the tale of a singer, he says. Dr. Suresh has scored the music of seven songs, the lyrics of six which were written by ONV Kurup. The seventh composition, sung by Hariharan, is based on a ghazal composed by the 19th century Urdu poet Momin Khan Momin. Ustad Fiaz Khan also has two alaaps.

Since ‘Pattinte Palazhi's narrates the travails of a female singer, five songs and the aalaap have been sung by K.S. Chithra. The other singers are Vijay Yesudas, Swetha Mohan and Aparna Rajiv, ONV Kurup's granddaughter.

According to the music director, he has tried to compose the songs in tune with the moods of the central character, Veena, played by Meera Jasmine. “What I have tried to do is to blend my composition to suit the film's narrative. To make an attempt to innovate for the sake of innovation would have been totally out of sync with the narrative, the situations through which the central character goes and of course the beautiful lyrics.”

Dr. Suresh says he has also taken great care in orchestration by using musical instruments that are apt for the mood of the scene.

“The songs are directly linked to the narrative, with the story developing at times through the songs. I am sure that the composition would be better appreciated once the film is released and viewed in the perspective of its visualisation,” believes Suresh.