The Sree Sathyasai Sangeethothsavam in Palakkad featured music and dance recitals.

Sree Sathyasai Sangeethothsavam in Palakkad featured concerts by promising young talents. The concerts were soaked in devotion.

M.K. Thushar’s rhythmic skills struck a chord with the audience. He was supported by R. Swaminadhan (violin), Kaviyur Sanalkumar (mridangam) and Gopi Nadalaya (morsing). The singer began the recital with the Bhairavi Ada tala varnam, ‘Viriboni’.

After Dikshitar’s ‘Siddhi Vinayakam’ in Shanmukhapriya and GNB’s ‘Ranjani Niranjani’ in Ranjani, Thushar rendered a vibrant alapana in Arabhi. Swati’s ‘Narasimha mamava’ was embellished with chittaswara and swaraprasthara.

Tyagaraja’sBantureethi kolu’ in Hamsanadam was followed by Dikshitar’s ‘Akhilandeswari’ in Dwijawanthi set in Chowka kala.

The highlight of the concert was an alapana in Thodi, which highlighted the beauty of the raga.

Swaminadhan’s essay on the violin was rich in melody. A well-executed Tyagaraja kriti ‘Dasaradhi nee’ was ornamented with niraval. A vibrant tani followed.

Anayadi Dhanalakshmi and Lola Kesavan, faculty members of the Government College, Chittur, and School of Drama, Thrissur, respectively, performed earlier in the day. Sreelakshmi Govardhan performed an enchanting Kuchipudi recital.

Vishnudev Nampoothiri’s resonant voice, scholarship, impeccable manodharma and strict adherence to tradition mesmerised rasikas. He was accompanied by Thiruvizha Viju S. Anand (violin), Cherthala Dinesan (mridangam) and Payyannur Govindaprasad (morsing).

Dikshitar’s ‘Kadambari Priyayai’ set in Khanda chappu tala was followed by a fast-paced rendition of Tyagaraja’s ‘Okapari’ in Kalavathi. Vishnudev’s Kharaharapriya was wholesome.

Dinesan and Govindaprasad performed an excellent tani.

in Madhuvanthi, Purandaradasa’s kritis ‘Krishna’ in Durga and ‘Chandra Chooda’ in Darbari Kanada, and Swati’s

In the latter half of the concert, Vishnudev included the Ashtapadi ‘Pasyathi disi disi’ (Madhuvanthi), Purandaradasa kritis ‘Krishna’(Durga) and ‘Chandrachooda’(Darbarikanada), and Swati’s ‘Panimathi mukhi bale’ in Ahiri.

He concluded the concert with a lilting tillana in Kamas.

The concerts were held at Chembai Memorial Music College, Palakkad.