The demise of musician-composer V. Dakshinamurti on August 2 set off response of a unique kind. He passed away on the day this supplement carried a cover story; the article was delayed for various reasons. The uncanny timing prompted readers, especially his admirers, to call up the Desk, with queries. What did the family have to say about the article? Did Dakshinamurti Swami read the article? Was he ailing?...

S. Shivpprasadh, author of the article, says:

“A phone call on Friday morning revealed that the family enjoyed reading the article. Receiving news of his demise with shock – he was fine during the week, including on Tuesday when his pictures were taken by The Hindu photographer – I went to his house on Saturday to pay my last respects.

“His wife, Kalyani, told me: ‘He was never after publicity but was delighted by the sumptuous spread. The article brought back memories to him and he took a close look at the pictures. The entire family sat around him reading passages and discussing the anecdotes. It was a moment of Paripooranam.’

“Dakshinamurti Swami was fine since morning and wanted to lie down for a nap and passed away in sleep around 7 p.m. An ardent devotee of Vaikathappan, he constantly chanted Narayana nama. It was only apt that he should shed his mortal coil on the auspicious day of Ekadasi.”