Veena player Rajesh Vaidya presented popular as well as his own compositions

Renowned veena player Rajesh Vaidya has given performances all over the country and abroad even joining world renowned composers like Sir Elton John. Rajesh accompanied by Mohan Ram on mridangam, Paramasivan on Kanjira and N.Subramanyam on Ghatam gave a fine concert for Kalasagaram in its annual fest held at Keyes High school, Secunderabad, last week.

He opened with Amma Ananda in Gambheera Nata, Adi talam of Balamuralikrishna displaying his skilful techniques and followed it with Paratpara in Vachaspati of Papanasam Sivan, a neat presentation. The number that followed, curiously titled as ‘Dissolve’, hich was composed by Rajesh Vaidya himself in Valaji ragam, Misrachapu Talam. This was presented with Ragam and swaram that stole audience appreciation.

Later Rajesh played Thyagaraja’s Entha Nerchina in Udayaravichandraika, never losing sight of bhava. Kamakshi in Simhendra Madhyamam in Roopaka talam of Dikshitar, that he played next, was a clean and mellifluous presentation.

Raghuvamsa Sudha in Kadanakutuhalam of Patnam, a brisk number that Rajesh played with care was a beauty. He then played a number in Kapi with brief raga essay. This was followed by Tani Avartanam by percussionists, displaying their skills, elevating the number’s impact. Bhavayami in Yamunakalyani, Jagadodharana in Kapi of Purandaradasa and Theerata Vilayattu Pillai in ragamalika comprising Sindhubhairavi, Khamas, Shanmukhapriya and Mand formed the finale of the concert.