Salil Bhatt's performance left the students spellbound.

Visakhapatnam chapter of SPIC-MACAY organised a recital of Hindustani music by Salil Bhatt on Satwik veena. Salil is a tenth generation scion of the Bhatt's family in classical music. Son and disciple of the renowned Grammy award winner Pt. Viswamohan Bhatt, a legend of Hindustani music on the Mohan veena of his own design and make. Salil, devoutly following the footsteps of his father including the usage of an improvised instrument of his own version, achieved worldwide popularity and is in demand.

In the company of Akram khan, on tabla, Salil explained a few basics of Hindustani music and how the special features of his veena produce vibrant and symphonic euphony to start with.

Then, he played compositions in vilambit and dhruth gaths in rag jog. He also explicated how jog being a derivative of the Bilawal thought, happens to be a Sampoorn rag. He brought out a fascinating picture of it eruditely negotiating varied combinations of the two Gaandharas and the Komal Nishad with other swaras of it in super fast speed exhibiting amazing ambidexterity. Similar was the way, he played the compositions and the buoyant euphonic flow getting further invigorated with the scintillating beat on the tabla by Khan, left an electrifying effect in the auditorium.

The 200-odd pupils of the Vignan Vidya Vihara Residential School at Gudilova near the steel city for whom the recital was organised thoroughly enjoyed the recital.