Album: Anna Calvi

Artist: Anna Calvi

Being more of a mainstream listener of music, I was quite surprised to hear the sheer depth that some of these indie-rock songs by Anna Calvi had. The album starts off with a fantastic instrumental piece Rider to the Sea, that has some very captivating chords, sure to move the listener. It continues on with vocal pieces such as No More Words, Desire and So We Kiss. While several of Calvi's songs have the usual I-can't-live-without-you or you-make-my-heart-pound sort of lyrics, her chilling, deep voice gives a new flavour to these clichéd words. There are times that her passion turns into a moaning reverie, but she's able to control the direction the song takes by quickly snapping out of these phases and bringing back clarity and intensity to the song. Blackout is definitely my favourite of this set, being the only piece that is set apart from the dark, deep mood of the album, and giving the listener an optimistic feel without abandoning the sombre Calvi identity altogether.

Buy? Anna Calvi's debut album is definitely not the kind of thing you'd want to rock out to on a Saturday night, but be sure to pull out this CD when you're in the mood for a little rest and relaxation on a rainy night.

SAMVITHA RAM, Grade XI, American International School.