Kamala Ramani has sung seven songs of different composers with focus on the kalpitha aspects of sangitham.

M.V. Kamala Ramani is one of the lesser known disciples of late D.K. Pattammal. Adhering to the patanthara of her mentor, Kamala Ramani has convincingly presented seven compositions of different composers in this audio disc. The vocalist concentrates more on the kalpitha aspects of sangitham in this recording. The popular Sri raga Adi tala varnam of Karur Devudu Iyer at the beginning leads on to a soothing version of 'Sugunamule' (Chakaravaham-Rupakam-Tyagaraja). ‘Parakela’ in Kedaragowla is sung at a brisk tempo next with a chittaswaram. This composition is by and large attributed to be a creation of Syama Sastri. D.K. Pattammal's version of ‘Dharmasamvardhini’ (Madyamavati-Muthuswami Dikshitar) remains etched in this scribe's memory. The disciple's vocalisation is engaging as well.

Meaningful phrases

Kamala Ramani's vinyasa of Kalyani is marked by phrases which are meaningful with no unnecessary frills. Narayana Tirtha's ‘Kathaya Kathaya’ is the composition following the alapana. The kalpanaswaras sung at three aksharas from samam are precise. The instrumental support by R. Dinakar on the violin is highly supportive and he scores in raga alapana and swarakalpana in the Kalyani piece.

Kappa Srinivasa Rao (mridangam) and Bachchu Janardhan (ghatam) provide the needed percussive accompaniment. The final two numbers are ‘Yenta Cheluvage’ (Karnataka Devagandhari-Purandaradasa) and the popular ‘Shanti Nilava Vendum’ (Tilang) of Sethu Madhav Rao. This song was set to music by the vocalist's guru many decades ago and is a frequently heard song in the current day concert platforms.


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M.V. Kamala Ramani

Carnatic - Vocal

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