Pedram was amused at the unlikely nickname (Pedramovich) his friends gave him. He, however, began to introduce himself by this name. The DJ from England did not expect to gain any professional advantage from it; but 'Pedramovich' was a revelation. In a world where disc-spinners have explored everything from Bubble (Nicholas Christoforou aka DJ Bubble) to Cloud (Kenny aka DJ Cloud) for an 'ear-catching name', this name proved to be a novelty.

"As DJ names go, this one is unusual. It sounds like a proper name; people assume I am Eastern European," says Pedram, a Parsi from Iran, who migrated to England. Pedram's name is a symbol of his music and life. Both are touched by elements far removed from his hearth. He has relatives in India whom he wants to meet up with.

On a whirlwind professional tour in India, Pedram has to defer his relative-hunting plan. He lists the Indian clubs on his work list, including Havana, The Raintree.

"The next time I'm in India, it will be a vacation, and I'll visit my relatives," says the 23-year-old, who knows experientially that the world is a small place. While creating his music, based on tech-house, he is reminded of this fact. Pedram was won over to music by the irresistible synthpop tracks of French composer Jean Michel Jaare.

Working in England has enabled Pedramovich to seek help and inspiration from great electronic music composers influenced by the global crosscurrents of music. Pedram's best mix till date 'Sidetracked' was made with assistance from Laurent Garnier. James Jabiela, known for making heady mixtures of house and breakbeat, has featured one of Pedram's mixes in his compilation CD.

The DJ has 15 released mixes and 15 unreleased ones to his credit. For a mix, he's currently experimenting with English words with an Indian accent.

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