American metal band Korn, known for its nu-metal sounds, will perform in the city this weekend

It’s American metal band Korn’s first time in India, and it’s perhaps fair to say that they’re as excited about it as their many fans in the country. “We can’t wait. These are going to be historic shows,” said guitarist James Shaffer (also known as Munky) over email.

The band’s sound is often described as nu-metal — a term that tries to describe the many-genre sound of bands like Korn and, in parts, bands like Rage Against The Machine and Incubus. Korn’s latest album, The Path Of Totality, was released in 2011.

“There were different vocal themes on this record, depending on what the song called for. Some of them were very personal, and on other tracks, Jonathan is talking about the world at large, to society,” explained Shaffer.

The album features collaborations with dubstep producers; this was done to create a completely new sound for the band. It’s understandable, then, that Korn dodges the nu-metal label. “We don’t consider ourselves nu-metal,” said bassist Reginald Arvizu (fans will recognise him as Fieldy). “We just enjoy mixing genres together — like heavy metal, funk, hip-hop, electronic music, and more.”

Eclectic influence

Their eclectic musical influences also come across in their response to their dream collaborators. That honour would go to Led Zeppelin – “they are the masters!” said Arvizu. And their perfect opening act would be the Welsh rock band Man, formed in 1968 and known for their progressive rock sound.

Korn has been at it for 18 years now; they got together in 1993 in California. The Path Of Totality is their tenth studio album; along the way, they’ve picked up two Grammies, for the 1999 song ‘Freak On A Leash’ and ‘Here To Stay’, released in 2002.

“It’s crazy to think that we’ve been doing this that long,” said lead singer Jonathan Davis. “It’s been an incredible ride, and I just feel so lucky that I get to make music and tour with these incredible people and musicians.”

Besides the touring — they’re hitting Gurgaon and Mumbai before coming down to Bangalore on Sunday — Korn is slowly beginning to plan another album.

“We are just starting to think about it; it’s still very early going. I think it might lean towards more rock,” said drummer Ray Luzier.

At the Bangalore gig, home-grown rockers Galeej Gurus will open for Korn. “I’ve heard great things about India’s metal scene,” said Shaffer. Frontman Davis is kicked, too. “Indian music is so interesting and advanced — the scales are so different from western music. I love that, and I can’t wait to see some of these local bands that are playing with us.”

Korn will perform on September 9 at Clark’s Exotica, Airport Road. Visit for tickets.