Panduranga Sarma's concert had melody and variety.

R.V. Panduranga Sarma's concert who is the disciple of Puranam Purushothama Sastry and D.K. Pattammal was held at Thyagaraya Gana Sabhathe auspices of Vamsee Art theatres.

He began his concert with an accurate and sonorous rendition of Kedaragowla varnam in the company of B. Pawan Singh on violin and Burra Sriram on mridangam and V. Rajiv, his disciple lent his support voice.

The swarakalpana in this was quite exercising. This was followed by Sakalagrahabala of Purandaradasu in Athana and Cheri Brova Samayamide in Chintamani of Shyama Sastry; simple kirtanas. Later, Sarma took up Vachaspati as his first ragalapana, prelude to Paratpara of Papanasam Sivan.

He was successful in evoking the mood of the raga rendering in medium tempo and made an effort to balance the effect creating an interesting finish.

He brought out the unique beauty of the raga through just a few phrases in the elaborate alapana.

The kriti rendition was dotted with a fine nereval at the line ‘Hari Ayanam' followed by swarakalapana with a liberal dose of purposeful swaras.

Melody and range are his forte with vocal span covering from lower Pancham to higher pancham. Sitamma Mayamma in Vasantha with swarakalpana was a faithful rendition.

Violinist Pawan Singh followed him like a shadow and excelled equally in both segments of raga and swara. ‘Hay Kamakshi' in Yadukula Kambhoji he sang later was a rare kirtana that Pattammal taught him.

Maayamma in Ahiri of Shyama Sastry refreshed the mood that was followed by a Ramadasu keertana Naraharini Nammaka that he learned from Puranam Purushothama Sastry. V. Rajiv actively participated and proved that he is a good artiste in the making.