Vocalist K.N. Ranganatha Sharma captivated the audience with his kritis and skilful notes.

K. N. Ranganatha Sharma’s music concert at Gosri Gana Sabha, Kochi, was a masterpiece of erudition and melody.

Sharma started the concert with Muthuswami Dikshitar’s kriti ‘Sri Naadhaadhi Guru Guha’ in Mayamalavagowla, set to Adi tala. A brief rendering of manodharma swaras embellished the kriti. Then came the rarely heard Tyagaraja kriti ‘Chinna natana’ in Kalanidhi, set to Adi tala. It was followed by an absorbing elaboration of Poorvikalyani that he tagged to Syama Sastri’s kriti ‘Ninuvine’, set to mishra chappu tala. The niraval and manodhara swaras and sangatis were apt. The vocalist then quickly enlivened the audience with the Tyagaraja kriti ‘Varishikhivaham’ in Supradeepam.

The highlight of the concert was Sankarabharanam, which Sharma elaborated with full-throated ease but with judicious restraint. He touched all aspects of the raga with utmost precision and depth, laced with traces of Thodi. The raga was capped with a Dikshitar composition, ‘Sri Kamalamibikayam’ in Roopaka tala. The niraval and manodharma swaras had creative swara passages that thrilled the rasikas. Sharma was able to establish a fine rapport with the audience throughout the concert.

Idappally Ajith Kumar gave imaginative support on the violin, matching the vocalist at every step. Inspiring support was provided by A. Balakrishna Kamath on the mridangam and Pramod on the ghatam. The taniavartanam was entertaining and studded with cholkettu.

Sharma then continued the concert with ragamalika, ‘Ithu thana Thillai Sthalam’ in Sahana, Saveri and Behag. The chathurdasa ragamalika, ‘Sri. Viswanatham’ towards the end was absorbing. The concert came to an end with a thillana in Ragashree.

The occasion was the celebration of the 25th programme after the revival of the 46-year-old Sabha.