The Mysore brothers' performance was a treat.

The masterly violin duet by Mysore brothers Nagaraj and Manjunath was the ultimate musical treat in the 16th anniversary celebrations of Sri Sadguru Sangeeta Sabha, with the joint sponsorship of the state government Department of Culture. Their concert was hauntingly melodious and was marked with great depth of scholarship. The melodious and soul-stirring nadam they produced was unforgettably sweet, especially coupled with the tonal quality of the two violins.

Starting with Natakuranji varnam, Nagaraj and Manjunath next played a rare keertana Paraloka Sadhaname in Poorvikalyani with exhaustive and bhava-laden raga delineation. Samaja vara gamana

The main item Sankarabharanam was played with fine imagination and innovation.

The keertana and swaras were of high professional order and the duo played Sarojadala Netri superbly, closing with intricate kalpana swaras. This was followed by a thumping tani by mridangist M.Lakshminarayana Raju and ghatam artiste M.Haribabu. The top class concert came to a close with a bhajan in Sindbhairavi.