Five songs make the audio CD of Oruvar Meedhu Iruvar Sainthu worth listening to

The audio CD of Edriya Tec Films’ Oruvar Meedhu Iruvar Sainthu was launched recently. Produced by N. K. Narayananarajhu and directed by Balasekaran, the story has been written by Karikalan. The camera has been handled by Vijayagopal, the music scored by Hariharan, and editing has been taken care by V. T. Vijayan. The lead players are Laguparan and Swathi, while the rest of the cast comprises Singampuli, Rajkapoor, Pandu, Chinni Jayanth, Paravai Muniamma and Harathi. The audio CD was launched by actor-director K.Bhagyaraj and the first copy was received by actor–director Visu in the presence of entire unit.

Music Highlights

There are five numbers in the album. The best is ‘Vizhiyal Vizhiyal’, written by Viveka, and sung by Vijay Prakash and Jaya Rajagopal. The remaining four songs are written by Snehan. Of these ‘Adi Aathi’, sung by Mukesh and Anitha, is pleasant on the ears. ‘Devadai Pol Ponnuda’, sung by Naresh Iyer, and ‘Kadalikira’, sung by Mukesh and Jaya Rajagopal, are lively. ‘Laddu Thinga Variya’, rendered by Mekesh, Anuradha Sriram and Malathi, is one for the masses.

What they say:

Producer N. K. Narayanarajhu: I run a printing press in Bengaluru. But being interested in cinema, I chose a good story and entrusted the project to director Balasekaran, whose films I had seen earlier. I am happy Oruvar Meedhu… has shaped up well.

Director Balasekaran: I have directed four films in Tamil and three in Telugu. Oruvar Meethu… is a love story. But it has an interesting twist and that’s what will sustain audience interest right through. It is a triangular love story with two women in love with the same man. After Love Today, this is the second film I’m working on with the same unit.

Hero Laguparan: I worked an assistant to director Bhoopathi Pandian. The director of the film Raatinam happened to spot me on Facebook and selected me to play the lead role. This is my second film, an out and out comedy with an enjoyable twist.

Music director Hariharan: I have scored the music for some of director Balasekaran’s good films. I’ve also worked other directors. Till date, I have composed the music for 14 films in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. The story of Oruvar Meedhu appealed to me and I am sure of its success at the box office.


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