Performing in India for the first time, the Pakistani duo Zeb and Haniya bring you a sound that is truly global. Their music speaks to a shared base of human experience while evoking the rich and textured soundscapes of West Asia. The duo’s debut album “Chup” was released to glowing reviews in Pakistan. The Herald credited Zeb and Haniya with creating an entirely new canon of jazz-influenced numbers and blues in Urdu, and The News called their arrival “a landmark event.” The singer-songwriter duo has been described by Deutsche Welles as “among the most innovative musicians in Pakistan,” and India Today writes that “everything about their music reads as extraordinary.”

Their critically acclaimed and award winning work includes songs in Turkish, Dari, and Pashto, and their music has been claimed by diverse audiences across West Asia. They have performed in Malaysia, Italy, France, Pakistan, and at music festivals in the U.S and Norway. Zeb and Haniya’s songs excavate historical memories shared across national boundaries and speak to audiences unfamiliar with the language in which their lyrics are written but open to the transcendent sweep of music.

Zeb and Haniya’s songs are set to music influenced by the classical tradition of the Indian subcontinent, Latin and west African grooves, American folk and blues. Their lyrics are poignant, soulful, and emotive. They have performed in Malaysia, Italy,

France, Pakistan, and at music festivals in the U.S. and Norway. This is their first live performance in India.

Lahori Blues by Zeb and Haniya

November 17, The Music Academy, Chennai, 7.30 p.m.

November 19, Corporation Kalai Arangam, Coimbatore, 7.30 p.m.

Zeb Bangash - Lead vocals

Haniya Aslam - Rhythm guitar, vocals

Muhammad Ahsan - Flute

Amir Azhar - Lead guitar

Sameer Ahmed - Bass guitar

Kami Paul - Multi-percussion


Cousins' callNovember 9, 2011