Meet DJ Kave to whose tunes party-goers love to rock to

With his finesse at the turn table, Kave proves what it takes to be a successful DJ. The thirty-year-old DJ Kave, has been there and done it all. Ask him about the highpoint of his career and he immediately says “working with A.R. Rahman”. He performed along with the celebrated composer for the Jai Ho series of concerts. Talking about the experience, he says “It was hugely educative. The kind of exposure you get while working with him is tremendous. For the first time in my life, I played in front of over 50,000 fans. Something I would never get to do when I play inside a club. That was incredible,” says Kave, who would be playing at Distil at Vivanta by Taj Connemara.

DJ Kave started out playing at school parties in Doha. What began as a hobby gradually turned into a serious career option when he moved to India in 2004. In a matter of five years, DJ Kave’s success stories paved the way for him to open the Skratch Lab DJ Skool to train students in the art of DJing in Chennai. “As many as 400 students have been trained. We make sure that by the time they finish their course, they would have played in at least three-four clubs in the city.”

What is remarkable is that despite his success, DJ Kave stops short of considering it as a viable career option, “I would always tell youngsters to keep it as a secondary career option until things gradually fall in place.”

So, what can the party hoppers expect when he takes control of the console at the club on Saturday? “I will be playing a mix of hip-hop, house music and pop. Also, a lot depends on the guests on the given day. I take my cue from them,” he says.

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