Chennai-based drummer B. Sridhar sets a national record, by performing for 24 hours

At Thiruvavaduthurai T.N. Rajarathinam Kalaiarangam in Adyar, a constant medley of genres had people walking in and out every other hour. Some sat transfixed to the stairs, head bobbing while others peered at the man at the centre — between the loud electric guitar and the singers — B. Sridhar, who drummed his way through 24 hours for a national record.

Driven by passion

A professional dummer for the last 13 years, Sridhar has performed on stage with the likes of ‘Valayapatti' S. Malarvannan, Abaswaram Ramji and Y. Mahendran. “Sridhar has always wanted to achieve something. It has been his dream and passion for many years,” says his brother Deepan Kumar. “Even when he was younger, Sridhar was more into music than studies. He realised this was what he wanted to do. After he finished Class X, he began taking lessons.”

A couple of months ago, the brothers approached the Indian Book of Records with the idea of drumming continuously for 24 hours. The record was new. “This is a national record,” says C.H. Venkatachary, chief co-ordinator, South Region, Indian Book of Records. “During the 24 hours he was drumming, there was a 15-minute break every three hours, and a health check by a doctor every four to five hours. Sridhar was supported by his troupe and a few other singers.”

Sridhar began drumming at 9.30 a.m. on Saturday and finished at 11.30 the next morning.

“I was so tired by the end of the attempt that it took me some time to realise what was happening. I received a standing ovation. I felt as if I'd just won an Oscar,” says Sridhar.

“I began preparing for this event about two months ago by restricting my diet and practising. It was tough, but every minute was worth it. In six months, I'll go for another record — 48 hours of continuous drumming.”

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MetroplusJune 28, 2012