Vasavi College of Music and Dance had special celebrations.

Vasavi College of Music and Dance celebrated Pt. Vishnu Digamber Paluskar and Pt. Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande’s Jayanti last week in the college premises. Principal of the college noted percussionist and jalatarangam player Nemani Somayajulu inaugurated the concert in the presence of noted Hindustani clarinet player Shabad Janaki Ramulu.

The event was notable for Shabad Janaki Ramulu’s clarinet concert in the Hindustani style. Janaki Ramulu opened with his major melody Jog in Madhyalaya Ek tal and in Drut Ek tal and followed it with a bandish in Jog. He presented this raga melodiously for 45 minutes to perfect Shruti.

The second number Janaki Ramulu presented was Keeravani in Tri tal, his own composition. Later he came out with raag Khamaj and presented a bhajan Vaishnavajanato of Paluskar. He was accompanied by Suhan Sastry on tabla.

Earlier, students of Rachana Gaikwad rendered a composition in Raag Behaag and a bhajan composed by Paluskar. D. Satyahari presented Raag Bhairavi and a ‘dhun’ on synthesizer. This was followed by Nidhi Srinivas, senior student of Harina Madhavi sang Raag Yaman. These were presented in the company of tabla artistes Yash Nathwani, Koustubh Srinivas and Aadarsh Dayal Singh. There was also a demonstration of tabla expertise by students of the college.