A. Ananthapadmanabhan proved his skills on the veena yet again at a concert in Palakkad.

‘Sree Swati Tirunal Sangeethothsavam-2013’, conducted by Akashvani Trichur, under the aegis of Swathi Sangeetha Sabha, Palakkad, featured a veena concert by A. Ananthapadmanabhan. The artiste has developed an individualistic style of playing the veena that incorporates the technique of minimising the conspicuousness of the plucking sound. He has prudently adopted the ‘gayaki’ style in delineating ragas and kritis and the ‘tanthrakari’ style in playing thanam and swaraprasthara. His fiery style made his concert unique.

Ananthapadmanabhan found great support in K. Jayakrishnan on the mridangam and Manjoor Unnikrishnan on the ghatam. He began the concert with a bhava-laden ragalapana of Amruthavarshini, unfurling its splendid shades. His offerings to Swati Tirunal began with the majestic composition ‘Ahaha naiva jane’, set to Adi tala, appended with spirited kalpanaswaras. He nourished ‘Mamavasadajanani’, Roopaka tala, and demonstrated how the lyrical beauty and musical patterns of sahithya can be demonstrated through the instrument.

His glorious treatment of Sarasangi, embellished with well-structured thanam, was a highlight of the concert.

The elegant ‘Jayajaya Padmanabha Murare’, Adi tala, was studded with innovative kalpanaswaras.

Ananthapadmanabhan, who is also well versed in Hindustani music, presented meditative Swati bhajans that he himself tuned. Raga Shyam kalyan and the bhajan ‘Jamuna kinare’ stood out for their melodic subtlety. He explored the infinite nuances of the raga Dwijavanthi through the immortal Swati bhajan ‘Nache Ghanashyam’. He concluded with the soothing ‘Upanishad shanti Manthra’ in Revathi.