A Carnatic musical feature explored the life and chronicles of Lord Rama.

Ramyamainadi Rama Namamam- Charming is the name Rama - a musical feature in Carnatic classical vocal delighted the music aficionados under the aegis of Visakha Music and Dance Academy at Kalabharathi Visakhapatnam. As a host of singers sang the compositions in unison, it wafted devotional fragrance all around in good measure. Scripted by Chevuturi Kusuma Kumari in the form of kirthanas, it sought to unveil varied aspects of life of Lord Rama in context of Carnatic classical. Lord Rama and Ramayana have been a great source of strength, inspiration and pivot for devotional expression down the ages. Though innumerable bards and composers penned countless verses on the grace of the Lord and the greatness of the epic in myriad ways, it remains an inexhaustible expression of divine and spirituality that meanders in human thought lending it a poetic expression in their own way. And Kusuma Kumari is no exception. She has penned paeans in praise of Lord Rama's grace and greatness. Though lyrical parts in terms of literary craft and treatment remained a shade dimmer, the pervasive devotional fervour in the compositions sparkled in exuberance of Bhakthi Bhava of high order.

While a song highlighted the virtues of Lord Rama as an ideal one a Mariyada Purushottam, other dealt with His godly grace. Other lyrics focused on the greatness of Sita in her myriad virtues of head and heart. And one was about the glories of bhakthi of Rama bhakthas like Hanuman, Sabari and others. The writer's devotional involvement seemed total and complete in whatever aspect of Rama or Ramayana she chose to express.

The session commenced with Aaragimparare in ragamalika, (Come and have the fruits of Rama namam and Ramayanam). Next was Yogi ranmuniventa in Madhyamavathi that described Lord Rama going along with sage Viswamitra, while Midhilapuri Veedhulalo in raga Mand dealt with the excitement of people at Midhila on seeing Lord Rama coming to the royal court of king Janaka. In all it featured a dozen songs. The fare included Allanallana mrogindi in raga Hamsanandi, Ramudochhinadura in Harikambhoji, Ippude teeruthunna in Sankarabharanam, Sricharanam Sricharanam in raga Sree, Palakandi in raga Nouroj and Ramanamam Ramanamam in raga Darbari Kanada.

Modimudi Sudhakar, Vadlamannati Maheshkumar, Anjana Sudhakar, K Lakshminarasamma and Chevuturi Sailaja sang with verve. Palaparthi Nageswararao on violin, K Sankar on veena, Sunkara Anjaneyulu on keyboard, MV Saikiran and V Chittibabu on tabla lent good support.