Vijay Siva's vocal concert impressed with its neat swarakalpana and intense sahitya bhava.

N. Vijay Siva, a noted Carnatic vocalist was featured by Kalasagaram in its annual festival held at Keyes High School, Secunderabad. He was accompanied by S.K.Sriram Kumar on violin, Mannarkovil J.Balaji on mridangam and K.Shyamkumar on Kanjira.

Vijay Siva is blessed with fine vocal expression and range with melodic appeal. He opened the concert with Pahimam Sri Raja Rajeswari in Janaranjani of Ramaswamy Sivan and then presented Aruna Chalapathe Parameswaram in Thodi. Both these numbers established his authority on expression and science. He opened the later number with raga essay, though brief but impressive. He rendered the number with devotional appeal with a neraval at ‘Divyamanava Vesha’ followed by swarakalpana. Sripathe of Thyagaraja in Nagaswaravali was a neat presentation with sahitya appeal and the brief sketch of the raga that prefixed the kirtana, indeed set tone for the number’s melodic impact. He gave raga picture briefly. By the time he approached the next number Sadguru Swamiki Satiyu of ‘Poochi’ Ramanathapuram Srinivasa Iyengar in Reetigowla he treated this number as the one that stood as his first raga presentation in detail. The kirtana rendition was evocative followed by kalpana swaras, taking pallavi line.

Meenalochana Brova in Dhanyasi of Shyama Sastri was invested with interesting swarakalpana. This was followed by Padavi Nee Sadbhakthi in Salagabhairavi of Thyagaraja, a rarely heard composition.