Sandeep Narayan gave an outstanding rendition for Kalasagaram.

Sandeep Narayan gave a fine vocal recital in Kalasagaram’s Annual festival, held at Keyes High School, Secunderabad. He was accompanied by Komanduri Venkata Krishna on violin, V.V. Ramanamurthy on mridangam and K. Shyamkumar on kanjira.

Though Sandeep was born in the US and raised there for some time, his love for music brought him to back to his country and he took it up as a full time career. He won many medals and prestigious titles and gave concerts across the country. He is blessed with pleasant voice and mature vocal verve with good range.

Sandeep Narayan opened his concert with Ata tala varnam in Kambhoji Sarasija in two speeds displaying all his traits that promised a fine concert in the offing. He followed it with Sri Varalakshmi Namstubhyam in Sriragam, Roopaka talam of Dikshitar, rendering which he dispalyed his taste for the expression of Sanskrit literature. This needed a devotional expression that he met with. Nenendu Vedakudura in Harikambhoji and was a followed by O Jagadamba in Anandabhairavi of Syama Sastry in Adi talam. The rendition of this number was indeed mellifluous and in presenting this vilamba kala kirtana he succeeded in projecting the divine element in the kirtana. He then brought into picture Swathi Tirunal’s familiar composition Palaya Sada in Nalina Kanthi of Swathi Tirunal that was at once appealing at every stage of its presentation and paved way for his main and popular composition of the concert Prakkala Nilabadi of Thyagaraja in Kharaharapriya, Misrachapu talam. The delineation of raga was methodical keeping eye on beautiful moves in framing the melody. Kirtana rendition was again marked by his keen interest in sahitya expression. The swarakalpana part displayed his approach for building tempo.

Sandeep chose to present ‘Ragam-Tanam-Pallvi’ and he chose raga Behag for this. The raga rendition was followed by Tanam part maintaining the melodic line even in brisk phrases. The pallavi line he chose was Devibrova Samayamide Ati Vegame Vachi ... set in Adi talam. In the latter part of the concert figured a javali in the same raga Behag.