While the musician is the toast of Margazhi season, the spotlight occasionally does turn away from the stage to illumine the contributions of the relatively unsung.

On Sunday, the Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha, among the oldest sabhas in Chennai, honoured musicologist M.B. Vedavalli, former professor and head of the Department of Indian Music at University of Madras with the title of ‘Sangeetha Sastra Ratna.'

Conferring the title on Ms. Vedavalli at the 110th edition of the Sabha's December music festival, Mohan Parasaran, Additional Solicitor General, hailed the scholarly contributions of the musicologist.

Stating that musicology was the fulcrum of the realm of classical music, Mr. Parasaran said Ms. Vedavalli had authored several influential works, including a study of the evolution and structuring of ragas, Akkamahadevi as a saint singer of the Virasaiva cult and a dictionary of south Indian music and musicians.

Launching the fifth volume of ‘A Dictionary of South Indian Music and Musicians' compiled and edited by Ms. Vedavalli, S.R. Janakiraman, Carnatic vocalist and musicologist, said the value of her contributions to musicology literature was inestimable.

Addressing the function, B.M. Sundaram, musicologist, said Ms. Vedavalli's works had greatly enriched music. Musicology was a demanding discipline that combined the theoretical with the practical, he said. S. Janaki, Executive Editor, Sruti magazine, said Ms. Vedavalli was a perfectionist with a penchant for detail. Pointing out that the ‘lakshana' and the ‘lakshya' were important aspects of classical music, Ms. Janaki said the sober and substantive effort of research was as important as the high-profile musical performance.

Ms. Vedavalli said the award was an inspiration to continue to serve the field of music.

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