The band chose the name to signify how they defied the people that prevented them from being successful

Defyd, the Bangalore alternative/progressive metal band have been honing their sound since 2009. Last month, Defyd put down their riffs in a five-track self-titled EP. Says Akash Samuel, the band’s drummer, “It is basically a preview of our upcoming album.”

The story behind the band

“Defyd began from pure necessity and desire. Suhas (Nair, vocalist-guitarist) and I were part of a college band that only played two shows and then we went our separate ways. But Suhas and I had so much in common that we kept jamming and searching for others with our interests. We found Jeeva (guitarist) and Meeth (Medappa, bassist) and the chemistry was so great and our desire to make inspiring music was so strong,” Samuel says.

You guys play music because

Says Samuel, “Each of us, in one way or another, has dreamed of being in a band for the last 10 years or so. It was the only choice for us. The answer is simple. We play music because if we didn't, there would be nothing in our lives. Music is what defines us and completes us; it is the only way we can go to sleep peacefully.”

You’ll still remember the time when

“Like any band we have had our ups and downs but I can say one thing for certain, after four years of being a band we are no longer band members or friends, we are family. And we treat each other as such. Each gig has been an honour and probably the best times we have had has been in my house just chilling out listening to some great tunes and enjoying amazing company,” says Samuel.

The toughest part about being a young band

“I think being a band in Bangalore is difficult because we live in a country where there is no official support system for rock music. We all have to fend for ourselves and build this industry up from its foundations. The only music that is socially accepted here is either local music or Bollywood music. I have nothing against either forms and respect them, but we would like more awareness and opportunity to thrive in our own country,” says Samuel

Story behind the name

Says Samuel: “It is a play on the word Defied. In the beginning we weren't called Defyd, we had a temporary name that was meant to signify our struggles to rise up as a professional group of musicians. For about two years, we played soft and hard rock music with only two of our own originals. At some point we just couldn't take it anymore and we took a break for an entire year and revamped our set list with songs that more represented our influences and interests as well as more progressive music of our own.

We chose the name Defyd to signify how we defied the people and situations that were preventing us from being a successful band.”

Musicians that inspire you

Defyd’s influences include Alter Bridge, Creed, Breaking Benjamin, Tourniquet, Crossfade, Decypher Down, Red, Tool, Opeth, Insomnium, In Flames, Katatonia and Opeth.

'Samuel adds about their influences, “We just sat down and threw all of our influences into the band and this is what was born. It wasn't a painstaking task of creation but rather a wonderful adventure of experimentation and we have loved every step of the way.”

Compositions over covers

Says Samuel, “There is too much demand from venues asking bands to change their set list and to adhere to their interests rather than the bands. Venues and organizers, with the exception of a few great ones, expect bands to play as if it is a great opportunity for the band rather than it being a great chance for the venue to gain from the band’s ability and talent. I think it’s high time that bands are allowed to play what they wish. If it is only own compositions then so be it and if it is a mix of own compositions and covers then that is their decision and choice.”

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