In raga alapanas, Hareesh's pliable voice traversing the octaves with an effortless ease was more demonstrative than aesthetic.

Hareesh Ganapathy, based at Toronto, Canada has all the ingredients of an accomplished singer.

His melodic mind, fluent voice and fertile manodharma were visible at his vocal concert featured at Nadabrahmagana Sabha, Vanaprastha complex, Coimbatore. He was accompanied by Sriranjani Ramkumar (violin) and Radhakrishnan (mridangam).

Hareesh began his concert with ‘Maal Murugan,' a composition of T.M. Thyagarajan in Hindolam.

His rendition of ‘Pahi Pahi Ganapathe' in Hamsadhwani, came with an overdose of swaras, which tested the patience of the listeners.

His raga alapanas for the Sriranjani kriti, ‘Bhuvini Dasudana' and Purvikalyani kriti, ‘Meenakshi Memudham,' with his pliable voice traversing the octaves with an effortless and facile ease, was more demonstrative than an attempt to reveal their aesthetics.

Vibrant tillana

‘Kalyana Gopalam' (Sindhubhairavi) and a Meera bhajan in Suddha Saranga were soulful presentations. A vibrant tillana in Revathi closed his agenda.

Sriranjani's supportive role on the violin was enjoyable.

Radhakrishnan's (mridangam) vibrant and concise rhythm created a laya artistry of lasting charm.

Honing his skills in presenting a concert and following the format should make Hareesh the most sought-after artist.