Led Zepplica, a tribute band to the iconic Seventies group, will perform in the city tomorrow

Imagine being transported back 30 years and being one of the lucky few to experience a live concert by Led Zeppelin.

This is what Led Zepplica, a band that is a tribute to Zeppelin is offering the rockers in the city.

Led Zeppelin, the name was suggested by Keith Moon, the manic drummer of The Who, with their extraordinary music and mind-altering excesses set the template for rock stars down the ages. Their music whether the lyrical “Kashmir,” the savage “Communication Breakdown,” the haunting “Going to California” or the trippy “Houses of the Holy” swept listeners along on a tidal wave of screeching guitar riffs, tight drumming, the spectacular vocals.

The group comprising Jimmy Page (guitar), Robert Plant (vocal) John Paul Jones (bass) and John Bonham (drums) disbanded after Bonham's death in 1980. Led Zepplica have been touted as being the next best thing to seeing a live Led Zeppelin performance.

So head for UB City tomorrow at 7 p.m. for a concert featuring Led Zepplica. Tickets are priced at Rs. 500 and are available online at www.buzzintown.com and also at all Landmark and Reliance TimeOut outlets. Also call 7760636654/ 9845015183/ 9986984878.