Cellist Ben Sollee will be in concert over the weekend

All the way from Kentucky with his banjo on his knee, Ben Sollee is an American musician who also plays the cello and mandolin. You may have missed his first show last evening, but there are two more nights of folk music with some genre-bending songwriting and energetic performances at Windmill Craftworks, Whitefield on May 25 and 26. For details call 25692012. In an email interview Ben shares his thoughts.

First time in India - what do you have planned for the shows?

I’m excited to be here! I’m hoping tell the story of being a folk cellist from Kentucky with the help of my friend and remarkable percussionist, Jordon Ellis.

Composing, song writing, performing - your greatest strength?

Well, I’m not entirely sure if I can say what my greatest strength is right now. I’m just exploring so music and learning along the way. I can say that performing has always been my passion. And, I also have discovered that I’m at my most fulfilled when I’m collaborating with other artists and musicians.

Is being a cellist an advantage or challenge?

It is both. There is immediate novelty of being a cellist who also sings. However, the industry has not offered a “path through woods” for me. So, if there’s any advantage, it’s that there’s very little precedent and so I can take this anywhere I desire if the audience keeps coming to shows.

Do you have any tips for us to be a better audience?

Just have fun! Ask questions when you have them. Share your stories with me and I’ll share mine.